About Us

Supplement Manufacturers Australia is a manufacturer of sports supplements and associated health products as well as a Sourcing operation offering comprehensive services to brands looking for an alternative supplier or to those looking for new concepts.

Manufacture With Confidence

With over 6 years experience in the sports supplement industry, we provide custom blending, private label services, professional advice. We have spent many years developing our products and our flavours to ensure the best quality and best tasting products in the industry.

Supplement Manufacturers Australia has spent many years developing relationships with suppliers throughout not only Australia but also internationally, allowing us to offer many different packaging options, from stand up pouches, quick shake options, through to many types and styles of tubs and jars. These relationships also give us a huge range of ingredients at our disposal.

SMA is located in Windsor NSW where we have a 600 square metre warehouse which includes a 150 square metre purpose built packaging facility.

Our facility is fitted with a fully enclosed automatic powder filling machine, capable of filling 1000 tubs per hour as well as mixing machines capable of mixing blends of between 10kg and 1000kg at a time, giving us the ability to also do short runs of product, therefore having very low minimum orders of just 10kg per flavour for our customers.

We are also a licensed export facility, meaning, products manufactured in our facility can be exported to most countries in the world.

We here at SMA are manufacturers and suppliers of quite arguably the best tasting Australian Manufactured protein and amino acids today. Currently we have over 20 amazing flavours which include Pro’Tella. We spend a lot of time developing new flavours and can even customize our flavours to suit our customers requirements and to give each customer unique and exclusive flavours and products.

Our flavours have been carefully selected and formulated to be able to blend into any product we manufacture at such a low inclusion rate, that not only do you get an amazing tasting product that you won’t want to put down, but also get the maximum gains. We do not believe in using any kinds of fillers, additives and the likes which you will most likely find in many other companies. We believe in purity of the product.

As we are the manufacturers we are able to cut out the middleman and supply the end product direct to the consumer. This cuts costs for us, which effectively cuts cost to our customers.

Our team consists of professionals in the industry such as body builders, who know what they want in terms of products and ingredients, dieticians, nutritionists, personal trainers and those who have spent many years within the industry in a professional manner. This gives a very good and thorough skillset when it comes to helping our customers develop products that will sell!


Licences and Certification