Private Label and Custom Blending

Supplement Manufacturers Australia is the manufacturer of some of the most developed and innovative products on the market.

We thrive on being the most innovative manufacturer. We do so from leadership, we don’t follow, we take charge.

By leading in brand innovation, research and development, our team have been able to think outside the square, and create not only new products, but new categories all together.

Understanding our customer takes priority. With this approach we minimize manufacture time to lower your cash flow expenses. We manufacture products that sell, but more importantly, we give you products that WORK!

We understand the importance of repeat purchases. Work with a manufacturer that works for you. Try our advanced range of supplements and view the response for yourself.


Proteins, Amino Acids, Creatines, Nootropics, Vitamins, Minerals, Flavorants and much more. We provide quality raw materials that you can incorporate into your products.


Custom made formulas available in powder or capsules according to your needs, or u can benefit from our expertise and use our standard formulations.They are safe, innovative, effective and will add value to your business.


Buy finished standard products that are accompanied by quality certificates in a competitive prices. Get your product in any package you want jars, sachets etc. Our marketing team can help you get a good looking end product and set up a brand that will stand out of competition.


Licences and Certification